Monday, February 21, 2011

Triple Whammy!

Come September, we'll be outnumbered.  That's right, Steve and I are expecting another little bundle of joy!  Both M and L were born in the horse capital of the world, Lexington, Kentucky.  With two wildcats running amok down here, perhaps a longhorn will help control the chaos.

Standard hospital picture of M, taken on his second day on the planet - 8/4/05.

Similar picture of L, taken 7/17/07.  (She's a yellow bean here, because she had jaundice.)

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  1. Awww!!! I had lost track of you and missed that both M and L were born in Lexington, though I surmised from your recent post that neither was born in Texas. Wildcats, yes, but are they colonels, as well? I'm rather fond of Lexington, in an odd sort of way. Did they have all the painted horses when you were there?