Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm no expert

The other day, someone asked me why I was posting all this personal stuff on the blog.  I am not all that great at thinking on my feet, so I mumbled some response about sharing our story with other people.  That individual made a good point though, since we are dealing with some heavy issues and by posting them on the blog, I went ahead and made them public news...well, "public" for my blog anyway.  I suppose we could keep our experiences a secret, but the way that I am looking at it, for now at least, is if I can offer a tiny tidbit of information to someone else who may be wrapping their head around antibodies, for example, then I suppose it is worth it.  Not that I am saying, of course, that my measly little posts should be the go-to sources for information concerning any of my topics.  From antibodies to ligers, there is probably someone out there who knows more than me.  So please seek the advice of your doctor (or your local liger expert).

My liger expert.


  1. I like that you're posting it! Especially for pregnancy, I've found that writing about the tough issues (for me - the placenta) is easier than telling about it time and time again to every friend and family member. Plus, some of your faithful readers may have similar experiences and insight that you would have never known about before. I say keep it up - we'll be praying for you guys and always look forward to hearing what the Texas fam is up to!

  2. Thank you for sharing. Your stories inspire and encourage others that need a little encouragement and who are in the beginning stages of what you already went through. You are a blessing!