Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blood Antibodies and Pregnancy, anti-Jka and anti-c

As I was saying, in late 2007 we found out that in addition to the anti-JKa antibodies, I also had anti-C antibodies (also known as "little c antibody") floating around my system.  As is the case with the anti-JKa, the anti-C poses no problem unless you are pregnant with a child that possesses the antigens for those particular antibodies.  Since we were not pregnant immediately after bringing Lauren home, we did not think too much of it - just filed it away in the backs of our minds.

Flashforward to present day and now we have two antibodies to fret about.  My new OB has me on the same plan that we followed in Kentucky.  At every appointment I will undergo a ritual bloodletting, which will be used to measure the antibodies in my system.  If the levels stay low, then we are in the clear until the next appointment.  If the levels begin to increase, then I will have to come in to discuss the options, though I am not exactly sure how high these levels need to be before we take any action.  As far as I can tell, the anti-C operates in the same manner as the anti-JKa; however, the anti-C is in the Rhesus blood group system, whereas the anti-JKa is in the Kidd group.  Again, my "biology for non-majors" background is not too helpful right about now, so I am not entirely sure if one is "worse" than the other, though I am fairly confident that neither are awesome to have.  With this pregnancy, I have had two titers so far and both results have come back at low/minimal levels - hopefully we can keep this up through September!

M & L in February 2009.


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  2. Thank you so much for sharing. I have been told my test have this anti JKA. I have never heard of this before until now. Your post is so informative and encouraging. I have to be retested. I hope my case turns to be like yours and my baby can be born with no major poblems. I am in first trimester.

  3. The same thing happened to my mom. nearly exactly the same thing. I got the blood antigen from my dad