Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Painting

Painting pumpkins is one of our favorite Halloween activities.  We have several dozen containers of acrylic paint and I let the kiddos each pick 4 colors to share.  This seemed to go well and we ended up with a nice variety of colors, rather than just various shades of green and purple.
Not pictured: purple and white
This year the kiddos really got into the idea of painting "spooky" things on their "Haunted Pumpkins."  Matthew painted a ghost (complete with hair!) and Lauren had a nifty pink and purple pumpkin theme going on.  They were really excited to do this and were very meticulous during the painting process.  To prevent any clothing fatalities, I dressed the kids in my old t-shirts and tied up the sleeves with some yarn.

Our finished products!
Mama pumpkin and her babies.
Matthew's pumpkin is the one with glasses and a pig "snot."
I did the one in the background and Matthew wanted to try his hand at painting a jack-o-lantern face, so I dragged out another pumpkin for him. 

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