Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's Time

Last night, Steve and I, along with my parents, were lucky enough to be at Game Six of the American League Championship Series.  We were a little nervous about going, since Steve and I don't seem to bring very good luck to the teams that we root for when we see them in person, but we donned our team shirts, performed a series of good-luck rituals, and set out for the ballpark.  It was an awesomely perfect night and we are all so excited to have been present for history in the making.

Thankfully we remembered to pack ponchos, because the game started out with a brisk rainfall - so much so that the crew had to cover the field for a brief bit.  We bravely struggled through it and managed to eat our nachos just the same.

Though our seats were rather high, I think I managed to get some good pictures.  Welcome to the World Series, Rangers!  You guys are a class act team.

The Yankees intentionally walked Hamilton every time he was at bat.
Colby Lewis pitched a great game.
Neftali Feliz closed it down.
I'm pretty sure that's A-Rod.  I'm also pretty sure he's striking out!

In addition to the aforementioned nachos, we also enjoyed all the electronic signage.

The bottom of the fifth inning was fantastically raucous! 

Isn't that a Ricky Martin song?  I'm not sure if it is, but in my mind it is and it's been in my head all day!
The Rangers brought Neftali Feliz in to close the game.  Check out the speed on that pitch!

Electronic signage AND confetti!

OK, this one isn't electronic, but it's awesome just the same, right?
Good luck in the World Series, Rangers!  We'll be rooting for you and we'll see you at Game 3.

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