Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh What a Week it's Been

It's been just a bit over a week since my last post and I'd like to say things have been pretty carefree and easygoing around here, but alas, things have been quite the opposite.  Shortly after I posted "Preschool Pro," I went upstairs to gather the items that the kids need for swim class.  When I went into M's closet to retrieve a swim suit I noticed that the closet was humid and wet, which wasn't good since Colleyville, and a large swath of Texas, had just been subjected to Tropical Storm Hermine.  Apparently Hermine wasn't content with just hitting our roof, rolling into our gutters, and watering our lawn for free.  She wanted in, in a big way.  Pretty much every item of clothing in M's closet was, in one way or another, wet - some were dripping, some were damp, and some were just too close to clothes that had been contaminated with roof-attic insulation-sheetrock rainwater.  I grabbed pretty much everything out of the closet (we got the rest later), threw down some old towels, and then wrangled the kids out of the house to swim class.  Later that evening, after the kids were asleep (M's camping in the guest room for time being), Steve and I assessed the situation.  As if the saggy ceiling, dripping water, and mysterious growth isn't enough, it turns out that we had placed a stack of M's baby pictures and my baby book (from the 70's!) on the top shelf of the closet - pretty much directly under that ominous looking ceiling.  Uncool Hermine.  Uncool.

The ceiling in M's closet - 9/8.

Here's Steve doing his best to dry out Matthew's pictures and my baby book.
We took this the very next night.  It appears to have gotten bigger and I think I heard it laugh at us, too.
Flash forward a week and a day.  We're pretty much where we were a week ago.  Sigh.  Apparently we aren't the only ones in Texas dealing with water issues.  We have confirmed appointments for a number of people to come out tomorrow to look at our, shall we say, situation.  Hopefully we'll be able to get the ball rolling on getting this fixed.  In the interim, we've made M's room off limits and have taped a tarp over the offending area of the ceiling.  I just braved exposure to whatever it is that may be growing in there to snap this picture.  

Lovely, right?  It's definitely laughing at us.   I'll keep you posted, I have to go sanitize my lungs now.


  1. I'm pretty sure in the second to last picture I see a smiley face......let me know if you don't receive this comment ;)

  2. :( That totally stinks! Hopefully the pictures and baby book turn out okay and everything gets back in order soon. Life is always 'entertaining' isn't it?