Saturday, September 18, 2010

Glittery Goodness

Since my previous post was a bit heavy, what with the looming threat of mold and collapsed ceilings, I decided to do a fun one today.  What could be more fun than glitter and glue?  (Actually, glitter, glue, and UNICORNS would be more fun.)  In any case, M has been asking to play with glitter and glue for a while now, and given that things have been a little out of whack around here, I decided to cave and let them have a go at the glitter and glue craft.

Not pictured: -The Jewels.

The kids had a fun time using the glue - experimenting with how hard or soft to squeeze the bottle to get the desired shape.  As much as I wanted to micromanage their artistic expression, I held off and let them make whatever shapes or designs they wanted.

M started strong with an 'M' and a ladybug.

L is more abstract.

Once we had gotten used to the glue, I unleashed the glitter.  I had to step in several times to make sure the kids didn't just open the entire container of glitter.  I must have said, "sprinkle, not dump" at least two dozen no avail.  I also brought out some jewels for the kids to glue to their papers as well.  They got a kick out of the jewels too.  L took a break from dumping mounds of glitter to sort the jewels by shape.  M, of course, had to get involved by sorting those jewels by color, which essentially undid all of L's sorting work.  It was tense for a moment, but the allure of gluing jewels and sprinkling glitter won out.

The ladybug turned into a glue puddle once M realized that puddles were way more fun, and messy, to create.

She was very meticulous when it came to the jewel application.
M, with glue and glitter on his hands.

The kids had a blast, but they were pretty quick to beat it out of the kitchen when it was time to clean up the glitter.  There's still glitter in the kitchen and even in other parts of the house, for some reason.  I suppose it could be worse (see pictures in "Oh What a Week It's Been").  Perhaps if I wish hard enough, when the recovery company comes to cut out Matthew's ceiling, they'll find piles of glitter, jewels, and perhaps even unicorns in the attic, rather than icky clumps of wet insulation.

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  1. Very cute! I have a few comments from the teacher in me:
    1) THANK YOU for teaching your children to use glue bottles. Glue sticks just don't cut it on construction paper most of the time, so I use bottles in my class some. I'm always in shock when the kids look at the glue bottles (and use them) like it's their first time. That's so sad for a 2nd or 3rd grader!
    2) Sorting shapes already?!?! GO LAUREN!
    3) The finding glitter everywhere comment made me think of my art teacher friend in Fredericksburg, who once told me that she went home and thought she was having a stroke when she saw a kaleidoscope in front of her. Turns out, it was glitter on her eye lashes, left from an art project with one of the grade levels! haha

    You're such a fun mom! Go you! I've gotten so that I've taken crafts outside when doing them with my students, but where's the fun in that when you can find glitter everywhere in your home? :)